Friday, April 04, 2003

And the downside of being home during the day.

Kids going around with magazine drives.


Well, the flu has officially kicked my ass, bringing me to a fever of 100.3 last night and me having to bake the room and sweat it out. I called in sick today, partially excited that I won't have to bust my butt at work, but also feeling like rest should be What's On my List Today. (Pun intended.) So I spent some of the morning chatting with my wife, who hasn't really seen me all that much since we got married. I talked to her a little more and she said that she kinda misses my old schedule, which means I worked less, and during the nights. I would see her for her lunches, and sometimes when she came home from work. It is then later revealed to me, and this is in her words, that she liked my old schedule and wants me to be her "stay-at-home-bitch." Ah, wedding bliss continues.

No, really. She said that.

I don't mind being that at all, except our money situation isn't that hot right now. In fact, with me working more and her working less, it pretty much evens out to about the same amount of money that's coming into the household. I guess for right now we'll keep doing what we're doing, and seeing if it works out. If not, we will probably go back to the old schedule of me nights and her days, in some ways, that's a lot better because I can't keep ignoring this feeling that by sticking our baby into daycare, we'd be missing out on a lot of good stuff.

Man, I like being home and not at work. That's me, the Stay-At-Home-Bitch. Always running errands, keeping up with the blog, being sexually available, and taking care of kids and cats. Yay.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Being a fourty-hour a week working man isn't all that fun, I've been coming home tired and there's a sickness that's trying to creep up on me. And today, I missed my wife's first baby-related appointment, and I'm a little bummed about it.

There was nothing too eventful about the visit, really, just normal check-up stuff, but my wife actually got to listen to the baby's heartbeat more clearly this time, something we kinda missed out the first time around. My wife's blood pressure went up a little, and her breathing is even lower than before, but she was really proud that she gained 4 pounds, because she's been worried about the baby's health.

Got a shot of babyhood when Karen came over to collect her chairs that she loaned to us for our wedding, and Baby Brendan, who is more of a walking, talking, hyperactive dynamo toddler now, was having fun running around, touching cats, laughing at me, and climbing stairs. He's an adorable little guy, just a joy to watch (and probably really tiring to watch over.) But watching him made me excited about having a kid.

My wife's pregnancy has a side effect, which some medical books called "scatterbrainess". Today, we called for roadside assistance when her car keys were stuck in the ignition, only to realize that the car was still in drive. And she also tried to use the atm by sticking her card in the receipt slot too. Well, those are fine and so forth, but one of the things that's really been a weird side effect is that she's a complete giggle bunny. She'll giggle at everything that's surprising, and so far everything that's surprising has been pain.

I was doing my monkey-Jaws thing, whereas I sing the "Jaws" theme in a monkey voice, building up to a hysteric cresendo, at which point I would lunge at her at attempt to eat the imaginary fleas off her head. Anyway, I lunged, she hits me and injures me, and as I convulse around in pain, she giggle and laughs at me. When JL fell in the hallway last week, she just giggled at her. Hmm. I had better not get in a major accident around her, for she might bust out in hysterics.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Oh yes, gained a few titles. I'm actually a step-grandfather at the age of 26. A stepfather of two, an uncle, a son-in-law, a brother-in-law, and of course, the one that I originally signed up for, a husband.

Give me time.

I'll forget. :)

Making the wedding a separate post.

Trenchcoat was good enough to accompany me to Renton and Seattle, to pick up Jay and my Mom respectively, while my wife was getting some last minute preparations done around the house and the town. Her mom, sister, and brother, and nieces and nephew were all up and helping when I left. I had forgotten that my mom had invited a friend, so the ride in the back was pretty comfy in the back. I think Jay and my mom really do get a kick out of each other, really. And my mom's friend was actually not informed that I was getting married, because my mom did not want her to get me anything (which she later remedied by giving me a hong bao with a c-note in it. I thought it was too generous, being how this would've been the second time I've ever met her.

Anyway, we were actually running a little late, but I broke a few laws and got there about half an hour before the wedding started. Walking in the door and seeing everyone look up and smile at me... that got me really nervous. But I got changed, went downstairs, and the reverend had us sign the documents (which actually sucked because it effect we were already married before we performed the ceremony.). We started a minute after four, and I pretty much stayed calm through the ceremony, almost teared up once like my wife, but we made it through just fine. They watched my silly little videos, and everyone seemed to enjoy getting glimpses of us just being ourselves, completely silly and in love. My mom later asked me if I actually sung "Can't take my eyes off you", which I lip-synched and pranced around to.

A lot of hugs and handshakes were thrown, and we really had a lot of fun, and the gathering dissapated rather early on, actually. Most of the people left by six or so, because we didn't really have a program anyway. But that was fine. Talking with friends and lingering with them was a lot of fun. Haven't watched the video that Brendon shot for us yet, but I'm not allowed to touch that until I get all the weddings edited.

At around seven, I had to bring people home, and luckily my mom's friend was staying at my mom's, which saved me a trip to Seattle. We hung out with Jay for a short time, then I took Cody home at around nine-thirty. I had spent more time driving that day than being married at that point. But I saw my wife, and everything was all better. Today we spent the first day as husband and wife, and I found myself very excited at the fact that I was married, because it was like being a member to a very exclusive club of two. I have yet to get used to the ring, which at this point feels like a wet band-aid that's trying to turn my finger purple, but I'll get there. I have to just not think about it being there. I feel like a child who has to wear pants. Just wanna take it off, but I'll be in trouble if I did.

It'll be a week before our honeymoon in Vegas, and that will be a cool little trip. 4 days in Vegas, losing all our money, and than 3 days in Oregon, with me clocking in a lot of driving hours. Yay.

We're married!!!

The last two days have been pretty eventful, yesterday being probably one of the most important days in my life, because yesterday I got married! You can take a look at some of the pictures on the left column, just click on us and you'll see a bunch of thumbnails. So on Friday, Trenchcoat and Ted helped organize a bachelor party, and Trenchcoat did not get back in town until 6 or so in the evening. But I picked up Dansen and Brendon, and then we got Ted and went around and got an XBox. We didn't get to play the darn thing until after the party, and by that time we were pretty tired, so we're due to crash at Ted's and play his Xbox. Anyway, Kurt and Craig also showed up and they all had a good time laughing at me turning all shades of red. My ears were completely crimson with awkwardness, and they sure had a good laugh out of me. It was a fun little event with lots of laughs and some alcohol - we definitely will have to throw one for Brendon when he marries.

Since I'm such a big fan of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh books, I had to get these little guys. It's difficult to shop for a baby when you don't know if it's a boy or girl, but it sure is easy to buy some stuffed little guys for the baby. They weren't too expensive, but probably more than what I would've like to pay. The Bon Marche, go figure. Sorry about the silly captions, not much material to work with.