Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Have to say, feeling a bit at odds at the world right now, not because I'm being my usual pessimistic self, mind you. In fact, I'm feeling rather proud to be a father to my little pumpkin and a good husband to my lovely wife. Think I'm doing a good job at work at all that. The thing is, I seem to have gotten myself in situations whereby we're just disliked by a lot of people.

The neighbors

Well, there was once again another episode in the continuing saga of the noisy neighbors, so we wrote a letter to the management company and made a copy for the neighbors, basically telling them to cease their music or be brought to small claims court. That prompted a letter from the management company saying that we need to document the incidents, otherwise there really isn't much they can do. The neighbors replied with their own letter, stating that they've never gotten any warnings from us whatsoever. So I spent most of last night typing more letters to the management company and to the neighbors, trying to achieve the impossible that is known as peace and quiet. So, we're not feeling awfully great for being so confrontational about our neighbors, and we are certainly not feeling all that loved.

The Job

I personally like my job a lot, in part because after all that fancy scanning and auditing, I get to go back and make UPLs and sign tags and hang them. This is kinda silly, but I really like to hang the UPL and the sign tags because 1) there is a great sense of accomplishment I get from it. It's like closure to little problems that I have discovered. "It's wrong! Well, now it's not! Problem solved! I fixed it! Yay!" and 2) The tags and UPLS are stickers. I like stickers. This really appeals to the little boy in me, just having the ability to put stickers on things.

However, my job is not unlike the internal affairs investigator on cop shows -- you know, the cop for cops. The cop that all the cops hate because they're like rats. So, I feel like that sometimes, the annoying little fly who always says that there's something wrong with the pricing when people are trying to do their jobs. Of course, I myself could care less about who causes what mistakes, I'm just doing my thing. But people seem to think I'm the dreaded enemy. I just tell myself that I'm doing what I do, and that's it.

My Brother

Yes, everything was going well, we were buddies, then he lost his temper, and lost my interest. Basically, we've had a rather foul history but after a while, I've just forgotten about most of it. Right now I don't feel comfortable around him because he's got a horrible temper. Who wants to walk on landmines when you can take strolls on the beach? Bad analogies aside, he's worked his way into my dreams to being my token bad guy. He's behind most of the conflicts in my dreams anymore, which isn't that much fun.


Just don't have enough of it. Yes, for weddings. Stupid weddings. Speaking of which, I should get working on those now. Wouldn't want to be 5 months late or anything.

If you haven't watched, "I Am Alex's First Skit," do it. It makes me laugh. My wife's reaction is hilarious.

I Am Alex's first Skit.