Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My awesome rash. It is slowly recovering on its own since I stopped taking the medication.

Zoe's head got a big goose egg when she fell the other night. It has since hatched.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Last weekend was one for the books, and I'm so thrilled that tomorrow's the Fourth, and I've got the day off. I desperately need the rest and the relief for my sore muscles.

It started off on Thursday, when I did a full day's of work at my regular job, went home and changed, and drove off to Kent in rush hour to start Day 1 of the wedding coverage of my first Indian wedding. I pulled about 3 and a half hours that night, filming girls getting henna put on their arms, belly-dancing, and a few other ceremonial things. This all happened in the house, where it was pretty balmy since it was packed with so many friends and relatives.

Friday, same thing, pulled in about 11-12 hours of work between the regular bread-on-the-table job and the wedding stuff. That night was more of a casual event, just eating, mingling, and dancing. Added bonus was that I was starting to get a bad rash - a reaction from Amoxicilliian that I was taking for my sinus infection. It was spotty, itchy, and really really not fun. Although most of it was covered by clothing, it was running up the back side of my right hand, which I was afraid people might misconstrue as some infectious disease.

Saturday was the big day, and the day was split up into two events. It started off at 9 till 3, and then from 7 till 11:30. Everything ran over time, including the ceremony which was much longer than the weddings that I've been doing. Theirs ran well over an hour, and even with three cameras there, I'm pretty sure I didn't do it justice. There was so much going on that often I was left out of the loop.

Sunday was another wedding, this time in Seattle. Everything went pretty well except the guests at this party were totally unreal. There was maybe about 10 to 11 different digitial and video camera wielding friends and family decided that they were the photographers and videographers. These folks actually were standing up during the ceremony videotape, and this one guy even went right in front the couple to videotape the vows. Luckily my camera was just a notch over - at the edge of the frame was essentially the joker with the camcorder. And of course, people just thought it would be a dandy idea to stand in front of my B camera, so my backup footage consists of some dude's back. And the ceremony was in direct contrast with the Indian wedding, this one lasting like maybe 3-4 minutes. I am not joking. After the bride walks up the aisle, I walk to the back of the room and they're starting the vows, which put me in total freakout mode. But I managed to get some footage from a relative's camera - which will hopefully make up for the missing footage.

So now my rash is getting better since I'm off the medication, and my poor hand is recovering from that death grip that I've developed from holding the camera for the last weekend. Now if I could only get some more nappy time.