Saturday, November 12, 2005

Photos from the camera phone!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Revenge of the DVD

What being a Daddy means is that I finally get to catch up with the rest of the culture tonight when I watched the final installment of the Star Wars Sixlogy on DVD. Don't really have any particular thing I'd like to say about it, except that it's odd to hear James Earl Jones voice without a) thinking about Verizon, and b) that is so not a white kids' voice. Watching it also made me realize how the performances in it are so kinda odd, since it's really the digital characters and the evil characters who get to emote the most. The rest of the cast are pretty much stuck with plot-driven dialogue.

Anyway, said I wasn't going to talk about that flick. So I just previewed the new ad copy for my business which was made at my request and the damn thing looks like a novel. A case of over information. Actually looked at it and wondered if anyone knew what the hell the ad was even for. But other than that, it should hopefully be an improvement over my last ad, which got exactly zero response. That was 300 bucks down the recycling chute.

The boy has gotten quite onery today, being a cheeky monkey and shutting off his ears for many a things. Zoe was really cute the other day as well. I stuck a block down the back of her shirt as part of my daily cruelty to children act, and she tried for a bit reaching for it, then decided: what the hell. Then she started doing a cute little dance. Like a Block-in-my-shirt dance. Alex is saying quite a lot of things spot on, including some Cantonese my mom teaches him. Nothing fancy, just lights on, lights off stuff.

Well, bedtime.