Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well, it's a half hour before her induction appointment, and my wife is nervous, and I'm just a ball of nerves as well. My fingers are shaking, and I'm just completely petrified. The baby will be fine, and my wife will be fine. This is all very exciting in a very scary way! Stay tuned!

Friday, September 05, 2003

I was on the phone with my brother when my wife came upstairs and told me that her contractions were becoming more frequent, and so now we're on orange alert (Thanks, Mr. Bush) based on her frequency of contractions, and the intensity of them. My wife's had her other two children pretty much on time, so Alex could very well be here before his induction tomorrow. Argh!


Cannot explain the kind of emotion I'm feeling at all. Very scattered. But very positive!

Went to the non stress test today, and wife had a big contraction, a 70 second whopper. Even last night when Brendon and Maralise were over, she was having a series of contractions that was almost worth noting, but since the contractions went away, she didn't alert me. So, a day before the induction and we're still waiting, though judging from her contractions and increased nausea, she is feeling pretty confident that it could very well be tonight as well.

There is a slight possibility that we'll get bumped from the induction, turns out that there are a lot of filled beds at the childbirth center. Personally, I think Bellingham needs more outdoor activities during the winter. Evidently, the complete lack of interest in snowshoeing has lead to a high birthrate in Bellingham.

So, we're still impatiently waiting for our boy. I've been noticing every baby in the store now, fighting the yearning and desire to have one of my own. Soon!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Some people have been having problems with the imagestation photos, and since I've got cookies, I don't realize that not everyone can see all the photos. So, I've made the pictures public, and one would need the following to get into the site:

My Imagestation photos

Username: americanbabyblog
password: monkey

So, sorry for the failed attempts to get in. Hopefully this will be easier!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The most entertaining thing to do, apparently, is to put me in a high-stress situation and watch me unravel in all my neurotic gloriousness. Today, the phone lines went down around Bellingham and I freaked. My wife had a doctor's appointment today so I was curious as to what was going on.

The news was slightly disappointing, but not bad by any means. She's basically still the same as she was last week -- no physical signs of the body getting any more ready for the baby. So, Saturday or Sunday will likely be Alex's birthday after all.


I've got a feeling... a feeling deep inside... oh yeah.... oh no...

We're both tired tonight, so if he has a sense of humor, tonights the night!


Tuesday, September 02, 2003

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Monday, September 01, 2003

I've determined the secret behind coaxing him out. See, he's actually worried about us not being ready for him, and perhaps he's not so much a procrastinator like me, but maybe more of a worrier like his mom. So he wants to know that we're ready, before he's ready. So this is what I'm going to do. The things that I have sorta packed, like the videocamera and digital camera - those are going downstairs by the door. The bags with his first set of clothes will be downstairs as well. Alex's first CD will be ready to go as well, and maybe he'll be assured that we're ready for him. Yeah... that'll do it.

I've been a ball of stress lately, always listening to the overhead pages at Freddy's, and even though work hasn't been that stressful (today being an exception), there's been weddings hanging over my head since forever. I want to rid of that responsibility as fast as I can, so that I could do other things like blog everyday, build websites nobody visits, and call friends who have disowned me.

And... I'm eating paper. Candy had paper stuck to it.

So note this, Alex, from your computer terminal in the womb, that's we're ready for you, baby.

I thought of Alex in this context today - I would videotape him a bunch, then make him "act" and "rap" to "Bop Gun", by Ice Cube and George Clinton. Why? Because it would be hilarious.