Friday, January 02, 2004

So, as a continuation of yesterday's post, we are still very much in shock, thinking about new things that never had to be thought of before. Such as transportation (5 people in a Civic is funny, 5 people in a Kia Rio is just sad.) and food (lots) and even where the second one will sleep, being how I'm not too keen on the idea of having two cribs in one room. Cribs are usually huge and unwieldly, and even expensive to boot. We're worried about how we're going to afford a bigger family, and also what's going to happen with my career.

If anything's going to happen with my career.

So generally, that's the mood in the household. Fraught with worries.

Talked to someone at work who had two boys about a year apart, and she's just having fun telling me that it's like the worst thing in the world. She exclaims that if there's anything she could change in her life, it would be to have the boys further apart. Boy, she was just having a field day with that.

On top of all this, poor Alex is sick as well. He's a bit snotty, and he's probably feeling ten times worse because he keeps crying and being just uncomfortable. Every once in a while, we'd take a suction thingy to his nose and suck out all the goodness in his little snozz, but that's only leviating some of the congestion that's got him cranky. Poor Alex.

On the development side of things, he's learning to grab things already. He attempts to grasp at his toys and then swallow them - thankfully they're usually too big of toys and his coordination is still way off for him to actually succeed putting something into his mouth. But he's getting there! The little boy will eat the world!

Out with the Old, In with the... Same?

Yes, it's true. We're starting our own soccer team. Put in another loaf, honey, we're having seconds. It's been four days since I got the phone call from my wife while I was at work, and although the shock has lessened, the idea still has been freakin' in my boots. Truth of the matter is, we're actually quite terrified at the idea altogether, and we're pretty much just dealing with it one day at a time.

Alex is going to be a big brother!

So we're not the most smartest people on earth, having not learned the lessons of my virility and my wife's apparent hospitable environment. There was only a small window of opportunity for it to happen again, and it did. You have no idea how small that window was, because my wife was actually on birth control and we did pretty much take a little bit of precaution. Not enough, I suppose.

So we spend quite some time running around with our heads cut off, and then immediately felt tremendously bad for Alex, who will not have the advantage of being pampered as he should've been. I don't think they would be much of a favortism issue, being how close the siblings will be in age, it would just be double trouble all the time. From 0 to 2 in two short years.

Of course, we just took a home pregnancy test and there is a .01% that it could be wrong, but it's doubtful. My wife's got a doctor's appointment next Friday and we'll take the official one, which would more than likely yield the same conclusion. All of this comes as a shock of course, we were just getting used to the idea of what it would be like bringing up a baby now, and suddenly all this stuff we thought we were going to be done with is starting all over again. It was as if the rituals were now of a annual nature - find out you're pregnant at the end of the year after the holidays and much drinking, and then have a baby in September. We're guessing September, or August, we won't know till they tell us. But man, the same old thing all over again, except with a baby in tow. Phew.

Reactions have been mixed, ranging from congratulations to an almost chiding tone. Truth is, we don't really care much because it's something's that gonna happen - but we had some pretty funny reactions. My father in law exclaimed, "I'll be a Son of a Bitch!" and I got this funny photo of Maralise's jaw, which was dropped for about a minute - long enough for me to take a picture, anyway. There's been a fair amount of teasing at work, which helps me deal a little bit better. It's better to joke about it than to freak out and twirl thumbs frantically.

In a lot of ways, I feel kinda bad not only because of Alex, but also because I know there are a few other couples out there that we know of that are thinking of having their first child, but are otherwise not going through because of financial or personal worries. But here we are, just birthing them like there's no tomorrow.

Well, more tomorrow. I'm fading fast after a full days. Hopefully the snow will hang around for a little bit. I love snow.