Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Note Before the Shower

It's been a splendid sort of day, after having a really good day with the kids, and just having some friggin' downtime after a hard week at work. Work itself wasn't too troubling or difficult, it's just that my company decided to send me down to Bonney Lake for some training for the job that I've been doing on and off for the past month. Bonney Lake is nice and all, a little like Bellingham in the color scheme, but just too far for a work commute. It tacked on 2 and a half hours on top of the nine hour day, making work just seem a bit like eternity. When I got home the last few times, I was just so bushed that I had to fight off sleep just to get past the kids' bedtime. Good thing that's over and done with, though. Ironically, the trainer mentioned that I should be the one doing the fourty hours, since the other person I was training with, who would be taking on the position full time, was a bit of a slow learner.

Kids have been fine and great. A lot of improvements, but since I haven't been updating as frequently, anything they do can be construed as an improvement. Alex is picking up so many words, and remembering so many little things that I wouldn't expect him to remember. Today was a pretty good day for the boy - he took a little break from picking on Zoe and actually loved Zoe quite a bit today. Offering her stuff, laughing with her... It's really something to see your son love his little sister, because you know, it's easy to see a toddler love an adult because of all the providing and the attention factor, but the way he sometimes loves his little sister is so sweet. And Zoe just loves it anyway, I think she really looks up to Alex a lot.

Really polar personalities, I tell ya. Today we were feeding the ducks and Zoe just got down next to the ducks, and tried to touch a couple of them. Alex, meanwhile, was scrambling further and further away, with a cross between a giggle and a panicked yelp as he backed up higher and higher on the trail. Even just roughhousing yields an interesting window to their personalities. I do this thing with Zoe whereby I grab her right hand and foot, and her left hand and foot, and just swing her up and down between my legs. She giggles, squeals with delight, and just has a lot of fun with it. When Alex thinks he wants some of that and I do it to him, his enjoyment lasts for about 1 nano-second, and then this worried, oh-shit look plasters across his face and some pitch of whine comes seeping out of him. That boy takes after his father.

So anyway, thinking about podcasting lately, just to abuse the technology because I can. And being how podcasting has now broadened to video, it certainly strokes that technological boner of mine to a sheen thinking about the possibilities. Never mind that I never have time to even write on this blog, but having an excuse to use my camera and have an audience? Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a whore for creative audience approval. Highly unlikely I'll do anything about it, but I'd like to hear from you guys.

I guess by "you guys", it's mostly Dansen.