Friday, February 04, 2005

Playing Hooky, Video Games, and Spousal Abuse

This morning when I woke up, my wife had already crawled downstairs with the babies and before I even mustered the strength to get up, I could already hear Alex throwing a tantrum. By the time I was dressed for work, my wife was already annoyed at the babies for being so... babyish. So I offered to stay home today and work tomorrow, my day off, so that we could both have a relaxing day together. Besides, I actually miss the babies and my wife a lot this week, having buried myself in work and chores because of necessity.

We finally made our way out of the house today, venturing into Freddy's so that my wife could talk to the boss and I could look at some clearance toys. That's one of the benefits of my job (other than switching days off at a whim), is knowing when good sales and new clearances happen. It's kinda nice to know before anyone else. So we looked around for some toys for the kids, in advance for either birthdays or Christmas, and ended up spending about 40 bucks on toys. As opposed to 70 bucks before clearance.

After that, I got on the computer with the newly installed modem on the PC, and did some highly dissatisfying surfing on a dial-up connection. Oh well, that's what the poor folks do, I suppose. Waste their time on a dial-up connection staring hard at a status bar, waiting for it to fill up. Play a little Ratchet and Clank, which my wife and I are highly addicted to. It's a rental, but we'll probably end up buying it.

Then we tried to watch Shrek 2, but two phone calls and a visit from Brendon and Maralise meant that we didn't even get more than a half hour into the movie. But it was great to see them and Adrian. Hearing a newborn cry sure did bring back some memories. And then looking at Zoe, I just think about how much she's grown and how less newbornish she is compartively to Adrian. She's still got some infant tendencies, but is starting to pick up some big baby habits.

My wife and I got into some fighting tonight, when I decided to toss a wet baby wipe at her face. She tossed it back and then we fed each other some baby wipe juice, which is the most foul tasting yet strangely refreshing substance ever created. It was nice to have a battle with her, just reminds us of how much fun we used to have before we were role models.

That's it for me.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Same Old Potty, Different Day

Truth be told, the more life settles into a routine of sorts, the more the all of us become slightly catatonic and dull. Luckily, the weather is improving slightly, and once my wife's foot stops being gimpy, we should be able to all go outside and enjoy the sunshine a little. It'll take some adjusting become I actually got a headache yesterday whilst driving home from work because of the glare. And to think that I used to be tropical boy.

Speaking of boy, the little boy we like to call Alex is learning things from little Zoe. Because whenever Zoe screams, she get her attention, and Alex has picked that up and regressed into unnecessary whining and screaming. He can't really learn by example because Zoe usually needs that attention when she's screaming, but Alex simply wants some attention or something non-life threatening. Like he can't get up a chair, or his nose itches. His legs would give way and he'd do a full body collapse and start crying. It's deceptive enough to imply that he might actually be bleeding internally or just got struck by some invisible arrow, but usually when we wait for more than 30 seconds, he'll show signs of complete normalness in his voice in between whining. Sigh. Some days, he's certainly a handful and a half, and other days, he's his old self. As far as words go, I think he's proabably a little behind, but I'm not too worried. At least he's got personality. That'll get him through life.

Zoe, my little fluff head princess, is going through some screaming stage that she'll hopefully outgrow. Even right now, she's shrieking randomly even though she's perfectly fine. She's also picked up an angry face, whereby she'll pout big lips and her eyebrows would cave into each other, and the top part of her nose would crinkle into a disgruntled face. It's really cute especially when she does her hyperventilating act with it, snorting puffs of rage out of her nostrils. Such an angry girl.

As for my wife, she's got an injured foot which disables her from actually walking, so she's either crawling around on her knees or using a computer chair as some kind of cumbersome prosthetic. So she wheels around in this thing, while I worry constantly about her running over my toes with the chair. She climbs up and down the stairs on her knees and hands clutching one baby or another, and she's also off work for about a week, which is good news for us. I was starting to forget what my wife looked like. I mean, I do have photos of her, but since I haven't had time to take any new photos lately, I don't trust the pictures. But now since she's home, I get to appreciate her beauty all over again. I have to look down because she's on her hands and knees, but when she crawls away from me, it gives me all kinds of ideas when I look at her butt.

And for yours truly, I'm just truckin' it. Looking for a job, hoping something good will turn up so I don't have to be secret shopped ever again. I got hit last week and I got dinged big time. Not friendly enough. Didn't offer the customers my first born. Sorry, but I love my boy, even if he's a screaming little fusspot sometimes.

Seacrest Out.