Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sweltering Heat Rays of DEATH.

As I sit here, fidgeting about crazily to avoid from being permanently seared to my chair, cooling down in front of a fan just a few feet away, I have to say that this is actually a pretty relaxed weekend. A lot has happened, otherwise I wouldn't be on the blog, would I?

So anyway, the eBay thing is going well. Only two items haven't sold, but my phone did sell for a healthy 51 dollars and my Super Nintendo, which I wasn't sure about because it hung out at 5.99 forever, finally sold for 33 bucks to someone in Puerto Rico. So, that's cool. I stand to make about $180 bucks from the whole excursion, which is pretty good as long as I don't think about how much I spend initially to purchase those items. To put it into perspective, a CD burner I bought for my iMac was $280. As of now it's going for 22 bucks. A Powerbook I got on Ebay (my only purchase thus far) was 123 bucks or something, it just sold for 8 freakin' dollars. Oh well. At least I used it as a prop in my play. That was useful.

My photoblog is improving, but I'm still a little unsure about the design. A little too simplistic, I think a few more lines around and about wouldn't hurt. My camera's working out great, just tons of fun playing with it. I'm trying to take it places with me so that I could take more shots, but I just end up looking strange whipping it out at the supermarket at the checkstands, so I could take a picture like this.

My wife has been getting mondo contractions because of the heat, and basically if she's on her feet too long. We were tooling about at Walmart yesterday and it actually stopped her. She's got an instinct that this baby isn't going to wait, so we're trying our best to keep my wife cool, and relaxed. An early baby isn't necessarily bad, but it would be better for her healthwise to hang out in the womb for just a little longer.

That's about it. Total take from eBay to be updated in a bit.

Friday, July 23, 2004

A Baby Shower for Her, a Cool New Camera for Him.

Yesterday was a good day, when my wife's co-workers decided to surprise her with a baby shower! Whilst she was being molested by the butt at her first physical therapist appointment (she commented that the muscles were really tight. Tight-Ass jokes ensue.), her friends came to the house and decorated it with streamers and balloons and a baby banner. It was all really nice and there were even little cupcakes with pink safety pins in them (plastic, of course.)

There was good food, and happy cheer, even though it was like 90 freakin' degrees outside. Alex seemingly enjoyed the company, crawling around in his diapers and flirting with all the ladies. We got tons of baby clothes, all very pink and ruffley. It is definitely something to get used to, all that pink. My brain has been programmed to think of pink as the anti-Christ, associated with either Barbies or Bubblegum Valley girls, so I have to get over that and accept it as a Zoe color, even if she would look like a little Barbie doll.

As for me, as you might have already noticed, I received my new Minolta Z1 in the mail yesterday! My wife called me at work to tell me and thenafter, it was almost impossible to concentrate at work. Just completely distracted at the thought of caressing my new camera, and making sweet nookie with it. I played with it for a little while - a little limited by the 16MB memory card that it came with (that's like 9 pictures at full size.), but still had a ball. It did some video too, but the Quicktime file is 8.1 MB, much too much to stream online. I'm re-encoding it now, hopefully it should be ready to go.

So, having a nice day off, planning to take some more pictures and whatnot. Hopefully it'll stay cooler today because yesterday was just. Too. Hot. I'm from a tropical climate and my body is so accustomed to this easy-breezy weather that summers are becoming unbearable for me. Alex will undoubtedly benefit from my tanning abilities and my wife's cold resistance. Although my wife is pretty dark herself. Hmmm. Now leaving you with that kind of, "Oh." feeling. "Thanks for sharing that completely useless trivia."

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yeah, Dad!

Originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

Alex agrees, my new camera rocks! Click here for more cool pics.

Nothing new really. Just wanted everyone to know about my wonderful new banner at Fifth Eye, and that my eBay items keep going up (up to 77 bucks, excluding the 30.00 I made from a bidder to remove the bid early.), and my camera is now tracked all the way to Oregon! It's practically within my grasp!

My step-granddaughter, if you wanted to call her that, and my step-grandson was visiting today with my other step-daughter, the one that's a few years younger than me. This is kinda a little confusing, but interesting conversation fodder when the well of weather trivia runs dry. But man, having three kids in the house, with two babies and one 3 year old - whew! That's a lot of energy. There was more power conflicts and authority challenging in those few hours than I've seen all week. Crazy kids.

Kinda makes me glad that Zoe and Alex will be closer in age - one couldn't really throw their age around too much, and yes, I know twins do that anyway, but I think the fact that they're closer in age might mean that they would be excellent playmates. That's what we hope anyway.

I'm in need of posting some pictures. I could post the pictures my step-granddaughter took (why someone would hand a digital camera to a 3-year-old? I'm sorry, I would answer that if I wasn't wiping potato chip grease off my camera lenses.) of fingers and mad close-ups, but hey, while I look for some photo opportunities, why don't you check out the photo blog! Shameless plug!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The progress of my materialistic obsession.

So, it's been a few days since the last post, and a few things have changed. The stuff I had on eBay is currently up to 50 bucks altogether online, which is rather exciting until I think about what I spent on them initially. Heck, the CD burner alone was 300 smackaroos. Now it's moving for 5.99. Cruel. But that's going well, and I'm excited about it. My camera is finally on its way, trucking across the US from New Jersey and should be in my hands on Friday. Estimated. I'm super excited about it - so much so that I've started a photoblog. It's still in its infancy, and I'm trying to keep it minimalistic and keep all my banter for this blog, but check it out. Right now I'm posting some of my older pictures, and the format will probably change soon, but I'm trying to find a format that works.

Meanwhile, my wife has gotten the medical release from the doctor. She's not working anymore due to the heat problem at her job, which really translates to "no air-conditioning." Tons of people who aren't pregnant are already pretty miserable over there. So, to compensate a little, I ton my co-worker that I would have to steal one of her shifts back - which I felt bad about, but I gotta do what I gotta do. So my wife is just taking it easy, letting Zoe take it easy as well.

Alex has a new food fav! I've been eating these preserved mangoes forever, and I gave him one today while my wife and son were visiting me at work. He picks it up, waves it around some and makes some exploratory sounds, and then proceeds to gum and suck on it. Since the mango slices are actually quite thick, he doesn't bite into them, but he sure enjoys the loads of sugar that they slathered on it. He was making all sorts of perverse sounds, making faces, waving it around, and sticking it back in his mouth. By the time he was done with it, it looked very much like a dead wet slug. He couldn't really chew it, so he couldn't eat it. Just had the pleasure of sucking on it.

So, that's about it. My wife has been feeling a bit bum still about the lack of attention given to Zoe, so I'm trying to do a bit more. I would suggest readers do the same...

I think Zoe will be a cutie. She'll be my little ladybug. My little tulip of happiness. She will be a good baby.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A trip to the Childbirth Center

It used to be a nice thing when summer came and the sun came out to play, but this summer has been extra hard because of my wife's pregancy and my fatness. So anyway, while my wife was sitting around watching the ball game with my unclothed semi-naked baby, I was cleaning out the garage and realizing all the stupid crap that I had saved is still stupid and useless. When I came back in, my wife told me that I was on "Baby Alert", which I assumed was just an indicator that it was my turn to watch Alex again. Then she told me that she has been having contractions for the past four hours, and she wanted to go to the childbirth center after the inning was over. I wasn't too overly excited about that because, obviously, if the inning could wait, it wasn't going to be a big deal.

So we went, and she got hooked up to the monitor and we spent about a freakin' month there, and basically my wife may be dehydrated and overheated. She is however, 2cm dilated. And she had a second opinion too. I can't imagine putting up with anyone having a second opinion around my privates - the first would've been more than enough. So, no baby yet, but it sorta freaked me out because I realized how close she really was.

Oh, and also Alex peed on me today. My superman T-shirt was not imprevious to pee. Stupid Freddy's diapers.

Okay, gotta run some movies back now.