Thursday, February 10, 2005

Simpsons as Life

">That episode when the Simpsons can't find any photos of Maggie, and Homer tells the story about his dream job at the bowling alley, being perfectly happy and fine until he finds out that Marge is pregnant, and then they flashback to Homer being told that they were having Bart, and he screams, rips out his hair and runs upstairs, and then does the same with Lisa till he had no hair, and then having to crawl back to his old job at the nuclear plan and having Mr. Burns put up a plague that read something like, "Don't forget, you belong here forever," and then being totally bummed out about life, and then being indifferent to Maggie's birth until Maggie holds his thumb and they bond, and then they show that that Homer took all the photos of Maggie to the plant so that he could put it all over his plague to cover some words and highlight others to spell, "Do it for Her."...

It kills me everytime I see it. Turns me into a sobbing mess.

Bestest Behavior for Bestest Grandmas

Yes, even as we quietly pass the 10,000 hit milestone, there are still some things worthy of writing about, especially when there's a break in the routine and someone new comes into our lives. My Mum took the Greyhound up from Seattle today to visit us till Sunday, and I was naturally late picking her up. If I had shown up on time, the balance of the universe would be disturbed and all choas would break out, blah blah blah. It's a long story. I actually spend quite some time putting air in my car's tires, which were flopping around at about 20 PSI, when it really should've been around 34. Talk about car abuse.

So my Mom's here and she got to spend a little time with Zoe, and got to see her cute little smile and her crazy hair. I seized the opportunity of adults outnumbering babies and did a few more chores, pouring highly toxic solutions down my clogged bathroom sink (too much genetic material built up, I guess.) and trying to avoid contact with the liquid, since the warning said that any skin contact would result in burns. But the solution worked pretty well, unclogging my sink by probably liquifying all the hair stuck in the pipes. Yes, that type of genetic material, you punks.

I also got my gadget in the mail today, a wireless phone jack. Costly little bugger, but it eliminates having to stretch a phone cord across the house so that I could connect to the internet, and now my Dish Network is also connected to the phone line. Of course, I got a surge protector plugged into another surge protector, so hopefully I'll have a fire escape plan all mapped out when the house inevitably catches on fire. The only single reason why the Dish receiver is hooked up to the phone line isn't for paying bills, or buying pay-per-view... It's so that it'll act as a caller ID for my TV, so when someone calls during "The Simpsons", I don't have to get up to see who it is. It'll show up on my TV. Ah, sloth.

My wife managed to get her much needed haircut (her words) which really hasn't been done since like Zoe was born. Likely even before that. What was amazing was that after Alex's bath, he came down and sat on Grandma's lap while she was playing "Bookworm", and behaved like a little angel. Of course, when I do it, he's trying to paw at the keyboard, wrestle the mouse, and turning the monitor's brightness and constrast settings to crap, and then throwing a fit when I put him down. Oh no, he behaves and I look like a mean dad because I'd complain about how hard he is with my Mum. Didn't even throw himself down on the ground once while my Mom was around.

Even Zoe had a ball, laughing at my Mum as she dangled a stuff puppy at her and then having the puppy attack her chest. In a lot of ways, watching my Mum with my kids really makes me happy because it's a window of how she must've been with us. Although I think that she's probably not telling me that she loves her grandbabies more, because they're cuter and smell slightly better. But just slightly.

Well, another day at the factory tomorrow. Thinking about vacation plans again, like what to do and where to go. Perhaps Arizona. To see a big hole. And then to Vegas. To see a big ho.

Sorry, that was horribly bad and distasteful.