Saturday, June 10, 2006

MASK Theme Song

When I was a kid, this was my favorite show. Wasn't real big in the States (or Singapore, really) but I liked it because it was more feasible than Transformers. Well, just a little more.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging from work because I've got no time at home, and I'm procrastinating about editing at work during my lunch break. As much fun it is to watch weddings during my lunch, sometimes a lunch break should be just a lunch break.

Happy to say that some of my "Diego-ness" is passing onto the kids. I mean, afterall, I am their Dad and everything that I do will invariably be copied and perfected by my children. So, in addition to my contribution to Alex's anal retentiveness and cleanliness (relatively speaking, of course.), and his cheekiness, and in addition to Zoe's pout, and skin complexion, comes the brand new skill of... talking funny.

As soon as I had noticed that Alex responded to the absurd voices, I started doing it more. We were on the way to Target the other day, singing, "No more monkeys, jumping on the bed." and I did it in several different voices. That made the kids laugh, and soon after they were attempting their own voices. Alex has several, Zoe has like two. Alex does this screechy, old lady, halting high pitched, "No more monkeys..." and it sounds great. Doesn't even sound like him, and he's darn tootin' proud of it. Zoe does a deeper version of her voice, which is pretty cool too. Zoe did a voice with her Kitty yesterday, making the Kitty wave her paw and she said in a squeaky, high pitched voice, "Hi Zoe. Hi. Hi Zoe. Hi Zoe."

I dunno, I have a pretty good feeling that they'll have a healthy sense of humor. I imagine I got a couple class clowns on our hands.

Okay, here's the thing about high-fives.

They're stupid.

I don't get a lot of requests for them because I'm usually not friends with the high-fiving types, but more importantly, I graduated high school so my high-fiving days were pretty much over.

However, somewhere along their new lives, people have taught Zoe and Alex the concept of high-five, and the kids love it. Perhaps it's the hitting nature of it, or maybe it's just something fun to do (Clap with someone else! But only once!), but they like to say things like, "Daddy, high-five," mostly out of the blue. We usually stick to the "Good Jobs" and "Yayy for you!" and hugs, but we hardly do any high-fives. We're not prudes or anything, it's just such a stupid gesture.

Consider this - it's not a formal greeting of any sorts, it's impersonal, and when done incorrectly, can miss its mark and you end up smacking someone on the top of his head. What then, Batman? What then?

But the kids love it, so I have to do it because it makes them happy. Zoe will hope up Kitty's paw and she high-fives it with her free hand, which is so cute that a kiosk with a coin slot ought to be put up around her so people will line up to see it. Alex always has a satisfied smile on his face when he does it too, so for now I will have high-five my children.

And don't even get me started on pounds.