Thursday, December 18, 2003

Yesterday night was another milestone in Alex's life, though I think it was more a milestone in our lives. It was a long day for him already, having his normal day and then having to sit through a choir recital that was probably a little too stimulating for him. But when we brought him home and Brendon and Maralise came over, Maralise was talking to Alex and then Alex just got into a giggling fest. At first, he did single little giggles like he does sometimes, but then he started laughing and laughing on his own, throwing his head back and being the happiest little boy in the world. And it made me the happiest and proudest dad in the world seeing my little boy have such a good laugh. He pretty much reduced us to tears of happiness, because it was such a beautiful thing. I was at work today and thinking about it brought many a smile to my face.

Of course, after his laughing fit, he was back to his aloof self, just being a baby who's interested in lights, and whatever seems to be happening over his shoulder. But boy, it was fun.

Looking forward to Christmas because other than the PS2 I'll be getting, My mom will have a cool present. The book that I made for her looks really nice, even though I'm afraid to crease it too much. It's just a really cool little thing, and I'm sure it'll make my mom's day. Like she said to me the other time, Andrew, as he is known to my side of the family, brings a lot of joy to her heart. I think she said it opened her heart.

So, despite the good and the bad that's happening, good being Alex developing and wife loving and neighbors moving (or moved) out, and the bad, my wife's ex being a complete and utter freak which lead to him being suspended from work - but still managing to pin the blame on my wife, all is well in his house. This Christmas will be a special one because it will be my son's first!

Ho ho ho!