Saturday, November 08, 2003

This Sunday my mom's gonna come up here with my brother and sister-in-law, have dinner, and then my mom's gonna stay a couple days and be a grandmother to my little boy. I'm just a little anxious as to how everything would work out - my mom's pretty easy going for the most part, which shouldn't be a problem. Unlike my brother who needs to always be going somewhere scenic or doing something to reinforce the fact that we are a mobile culture, my mom is pretty much like me. Stay home, watch movies, do very little at most times.

Of course, the biggest worry is how my wife and my mom will get along. It's the whole cross cultural/generation/personality thing where everything my wife believes in is in direct conflict with everything my mom believes in. For example, my mom believes that babies should have feeding schedules, water to drink occasionally, left alone to cry from time to time, and my wife has read or heard contrary. On my wife's defense though, most of what she knows is from recent child-rearing books, and from Alex's doctor. So anyway, it will be an experiment in relative relations. I'm sure they'll do fine.

Alex's smiles are becoming more frequent - and yes, most of them are at his Winnie the Pooh mobile. His eyes just light up and the smiles just find their way to his face when he sees the likes of Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore revolve above him. It's really something to see his eyes track each character and then switch to the next one. I believe he's found his first heroes.

As for my wife and I, we're trying to make more of an effort to spend more quality time together, laugh together more, and tell each other how much we appreciate each other more. Her and I are really close, and we make a great team - no matter what we do. We made up a song yesterday that was crude and inappropriate - but we had a lot of fun laughing at ourselves. There really is nothing more fun than finding a fellow nerd to laugh with.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I'm feeling really bummed out that Projections Film Festival is going on and I have nothing for them. Damn it!

But I have a story cooking in the back of my mind and it will be a good one, but everyone will have to wait. Not sharing right now.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

We have a co-worker/friend who I did a wedding for, and she usually closes the apparel section at night. Well, a couple days ago she called in sick and had to go to the hospital because she was having some trouble breathing. Turns out that she was only breathing about 30 percent of her capacity, and at that rate it could've been fatal. So she's resting for the next few weeks, and my wife is going to pick up some of her night shifts because we need the money badly.

My latest thing is to be really tired, sleep for 7-8 hours, and be in a daze all day. Of course, I'm not trying to be that confused, I just am. Usually when I'm at work, I form a glaze over my eyes and generally avoid talking to people anymore. My requirement for social interaction has sorta taken a backseat - somewhat because it's not that important for me to make new friends anymore. It's like that Seinfeld episode where during his standup routine part of the show, he waxes about stuff. I'm just not taking in any new friends. I've got enough, and barely having enough time to maintain it and hang out with them. So, at work, I'm just barely cordial, but not really trying that hard. To them, I'm always the auditor anyway, so it's not like they're dying to get to know me.

Alex's cold seems to have found another host - me. I guess even parasites have a heart. Either that or I have a more habitable wasteland that's favorable to colds. But at least he doesn't have the sniffles anymore.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit cynical - it should pass the closer I get to getting all these weddings done.

The other day, Alex slept from 11 at night to almost eight in the morning - that was a good night. Otherwise, he's been breaking up his sleep at least once a night and then again in the morning, which isn't too bad considering it used to be thrice at night. We're also trying to keep him warm with the heat on in the house and an additional heater in the room to battle these sub-freezing tempertures we've been having.

My new favorite thing to do in the morning is to use the defrosting spray on my car. Just melts the ice frost on the windshield and for a brief moment - I feel like I have control! Haha! Melt, you pesky little frost on my windshield!

Monday, November 03, 2003

Well, it's bound to happen sometime, but the little guy has caught his first bug, of the microscopic kind, that it. We suspect he has a cold.

My wife noticed his wheezy nose today at the mall, and right now he's wiggling about restlessly, probably not really thrilled about his limited nasal abilities. That, on top of being always unable to find his thumb, makes for a very tired and unhappy little baby!

Yesterday I got a little excited and took a bunch of pictures of him. It's nice to just indulge in a little parenthood pride once in a while.

Right now I put him on his front so that he could sorta wear himself out by trying to hold himself up and look around. I'm intermittedly glancing at him and typing on the blog so that he won't just get his nose buried on the bed or anything. It's good exercise for him - and a break for me to do some blogging. He doesn't seem to be complaining too much. Just a few grunts and huffs.

Hmm. I should edit.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

I thought I had a moment just now to type something into the long-ignored blog, but the little guy just woke up and right now he's nestled on my chest while I attempt to crank up some news.

This weekend has been a little rough on us - when my wife and I get tired, we become oversensitive balls of insecurity and take everything too personally. Well, the little guy decided to wake me up early yesterday, and my sleep deprivation brought out the monster in me. Today's been a better day, and I'm just generally having fun with the little guy. Getting more than 4 hours of sleep can do wonders with one's patience.

Alex is growing out of his newborn clothes, and it's a little sad that some of his cute clothes don't fit him anymore. He has bigger cute clothes, but it's definitely a little sad to see it go.

Well, this has been me lately. Not very focused, not feeling very creative. Feeling a bit out of control with everything. Hmm. Anyway, there are new pictures on Imagestation. Sorry I'm not feeling all that vocal about anything.