Saturday, May 17, 2003

My wife is feeling a lot better today, because she felt Baby Alex kick her a bit. Yesterday, I guess the Alex was just resting, or simply plotting to steal all my time and attention from me when he does get out, but I halfway am hoping he's doing just that. I have a lot of tasks awaiting, from Work to Work, from Freddy's to weddings galore (a lot this month.), but watching a baby will make all that pale in comparison.

On Sunday, I'm going to have the family start an art project for Baby Alex, painting pictures for his room with Acryilics and little canvases, to help decorate his room and show Alex how much we already love him, and welcome him into our home. Even though he's been around the house already.

I guess JL is pretty excited about having a little brother, which is rather cool. Of course, she's probably right there with me, thinking that it'll all be fun and games, until she has to change a diaper or try to fall asleep to all that crying. But I'm sure she'll make a wonderful sister, which should hopefully mature her a little, since she's still doing bizarre kid-like things. Today, I noticed the washing was spinning without any clothes and rather perturbed, I asked her what she was doing.

"I'm washing my book cover."

She is obviously not a Fairhaven student, nor attentive of all that enviromental PSAs that all the kid's shows push subliminally through their episodes, because then I had to explain to her that not only was it a waste of energy and water, that it wouldn't be good for the washer.

Book cover. C'mon. It's fabric and all, but it's not that much different than washing a pair of underwear.

Then later, I heard from my wife that JL got cold hands at the mall, so she put on striped gloves.

Again, this is May. Sure, they had hailstorms in Washington today, but not even to warrant gloves.

I'm sure Alex will have his day -- Drawing on things, shoving things where they don't belong, being helpful by being messy, playing with dangerous object at increased sustained momentums. I know he'll do all those because I did all those when I was a kid.

It's the ultimate retribution, I tell ya.

My new pet peeve is typing into blogs and then losing all your information to the computer. I believe that the computers of the world are secretly gathering information from humans this way, in order to obtain the necessary information to eventually destory mankind. Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the post that was lost had to do with my wife's emotional state of mind. She's been crying at TV programs and whenever she's tired, which requires some consoling from me and a hug, but she's also been laughing at the news when she hears of a couple who escaped from a burning boat, but needing medical attention because they've been singed. This is of course, partially not her fault being that some words just sound funny, despite their violent context. Whacked is funny. Shot is not. Propelled is hilarious, but falling to death is not. Being irrelevant however, may prove to be fatal.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

If I haven't posted for a while, it's because I just installed Mac OS X. It's a curse and a blessing, a lot of my apps don't work unless I run it under 9, and all the software that I've stolen means nothing on X. Jeez.

My wife is having problems, I'm going to go laugh at her.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Hmm, just noticed the illustration of "What to Expect the First Year" that Karen loaned us has a baby who looks a lot like Eric Idle. Odd.

Yesterday night we broke out the BebeSounds monitor, a weirdo device that allows you to hear the baby by placing a big mouse-like device with a ear-like microphone on one's pregnant belly, then you listen at the sounds through this headphone-like device. And you hear gurgling-like sounds that you think are unique, but since placing it on my own tummy produced the same space/void-like sound, I doubt it was as effective as it claimed to be. I did hear my own heartbeat very well though. It's quite weird to be that aware of the fact that you're alive.

Yeah, I have to get some sleep now. I'm a little sleep deprived and my brain is wrecking havoc on me by giving me a killer-like headache.

Like... Now.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Our friend Karen brought over a few things that her little boy Brendan used to enjoy, including some of his infant clothes and a walker (He's all mobile and adventurous now!), and it all looks like pretty cool stuff. I haven't seen all of it, but we do appreciate Karen and Brendan's kindness is sharing their stuff! Hooray for non-naked babies! Thanks K and B!

Finally finished (more or less, the VHS is done anyway.) the wedding that I've dragged out since last September. Jill and Brett have been so very patient at me being so very lame. I've put off their wedding to do my demo, another wedding, the Hamster Report/The Scene, and god knows what else. I've decided that from now on, I have to maintain my business reputation by not being lame, and having a faster turnaround time. When 4 weddings in three months, I'm a little afraid as to what might happen to my sanity. Why didn't I go into wedding photography again?

Sunday, May 11, 2003

As requested by Dansen, a list of things I will teach my son.

10. Be nice to women -- they're the better sex.
9. Directional peeing, and that it's okay to pee in the shower, but not the bath.
8. The difference between good movies and bad movies. And why you have to watch a lot to know the difference.
7. The Beatles and why they're the greatest band in the world.
6. The joys of making people laugh -- they forget everything else that's unimportant.
5. Instant noodles rule.
4. Lines like, "Thank you, I'll be here all week." and "I think I've wandered into the department of Too Much Information."
3. Some Chinese values, without all the stodginess, superstitions, and drama.
2. The joys of breaking into spontaneous dance and random singing.
1. Learn the best qualities out of everyone you meet, and make them your own.

Mother's Day was a success, and Alex was very much part of the action. When I asked my wife if she wanted her present, she felt a little kick from the inside. Seems like he was getting all excited about it himself. This even happened twice, so you know, it's all good.

Spend a good portion of time trying to feel the baby, but usually to no avail. I misinterpret the baby's moves as my wife's breathing or gas, which isn't entirely her doing because I guess pregnant women just have a lot of gas or something. So I've heard. I think I've only managed to feel the baby kick once, and not very well at that. It's a little odd to have something move independently inside of you, but I guess my wife doesn't really mind being how she's so happy about baby Alex.

I used to have a slight concern about being a young father, even though my dad was about my age when he and my mom had my brother, but I don't think it should really warrant any worries at all. After all, I'm far more mature than I've ever been, but just to convince myself...

26 Reasons Why I'm Old Enough to Handle Fatherhood

1. I'm old enough to rent a car, I'm old enough to be a father. Yeah.
2. I still like videogames, but now I can prioritize and do whatever needs to be done, like change the baby if need be. (This is only true if I never own Grand Theft Auto.)
3. I have to shave at least once every 3 days now.
4. I get cranky when I'm tired - thus, I'm an old man.
5. Naps do sound good more often.
6. Sweets are starting to be "too sweet".
7. I no longer have any desire to mix my sodas at the soda machine.
8. I'm starting to slowly phase out briefs for boxers.
9. I take multivitamins. When I remember.
10. I smile at babies now, even though I ignore their parents.
11. Messes bother me much quicker than before.
12. TV is crap. I get annoyed at TV anymore. I want to keep our kids off TV if all possible.
13. I'm a little better with money. Not much, but a little.
14. I'm more nostalgic toward souveniors. Whatever that means.
15. School education cuts on the news worry me now.
16. I no longer want any more violence or bad tidings, just peace and goodwill.
17. I nag at my wife to put on a jacket, which will no doubt be passed on to our son.
18. Sunsets are more beautiful.
19. Rain still sucks.
20. I no longer aspire to make action movies with guns as much, but more life affirming movies that nobody will watch.
21. Exercise seems logical and necessary.
22. Sleep seems logical and necessary.
23. Personal appearance is starting to mean less and less to me -- nobody gave me the time of day when I looked cool anyway.
24. Family is starting to mean something to me again.
25. Everything seems brand new, and I look forward to explaining a lot to our baby boy.
26. I'm absolutely in love with a little guy that I haven't really even met, and I'm beginning to understand what unconditional love means.