Thursday, October 16, 2003

Now, a windy rainy day update.

Last night was the first night we attempted to let Alex sleep in his own room, and I thought that he was doing really well, because I went to bed at 1 am and woke up at 7:15 on my own, well rested and feeling unfamiliar with the lack of noise. But I guess he did wake up several times, my wife just went out of the room to tend to him or just take him downstairs. Oh well, baby steps to restful nights, I suppose. There was a restful era when the both of us used to stay up till midnight and sleep till 9am. Those were good times.

I had strange dreams last night - the first involved me putting together a bed or changing it with 3 other people - I forget who, but there were being lame about it. One kept complaining about being tired from work, the other was grandma old so she had to take a nap or something, and the third one was evidently a deaf-mute mime because I don't remember him saying anything. So anyway, I'm working to change the bed and I was throwing the old covers at them because they weren't pitching in. I was the only one trying to get anything accomplished.

The other dream, the odder of the two, had me and my wife in some fancy swimming pool - like the ones that I remember from Singapore - the themed fun parks - and there was an alligator in the pool. And we were somehow cool with that. Then our cats, Franklin and Wilbur, proceeded to get in the pool and stand in the water, sit, and then lie down and submerge. All these years, and we didn't even know they were amphibious! So my wife and I were talking about how cute it was for the alligator to roll in the water and the cats were mimicking the alligator, and how it was four feet of water that our cats were laying at the bottom of, when the water starting draining out. My brother, who is fast earning the face of evil in a lot of my dreams, walks away from the plug and we ask him: Why did you pull the plug? The cats are beaching, goddamnit. And he says he didn't.

At this point, my wife either becomes some psychic medium or was just being super ironic, because she says that she can speak for him now. Channeling him or something, since he walked away. So I asked my wife, who is answering for my brother... Did you pull the plug. Yes. Why did you lie about it? I'm a complusive liar. And I don't remember the rest of it, other than the label "liar" being attached to him forever.

I have to say this about people. It's strange how through the social structure/governmental structure thing known as jobs and currency, we're supporting each other through jobs. The farmer I never meet grows my veggies and I work to pay him. Etc. Basically, people who don't know each other support each another. But somehow, sometimes people just suck. They're just mean to each other and make others feel bad. They're inconsiderate and horrible to other human beings and I don't really understand that. Both our neighbors suck right now. One side plays loud music after repeated requests to turn the music down, the other side has stalking girlfriend problems that often results in complete weirdness, like him throwing her stuff out on the street. Man, sometimes people do suck big time. Of course, there are plenty of nice and generous people out there, and they do make the world a better place. Kudos to them.

Sorry sometimes the blog sounds like I'm sloshed. It's just the stream of consciousness thing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Changing his poopy diaper makes me wanna be a born-again Christian.

I've been severely overdue for an entry and part of that is because of the weekend at my Mom's, which didn't go over the greatest. Essentially, my brother and I got into a fight about something petty - but it just reminded me - and introduced my wife - of his foul temper that often ruins a lot of things, including my relationship with him, and ultimately and eventually, his relationship with the rest of the emotional world.

Don't really wanna get into it too much, except to say that it was not a comfortable visit, and my mom having to apologize for his behavior is just an indication of how bad he's gotten. My wife and myself won't put up with it, really, but my mom and his wife still have to deal with it.

But anyway, the encounter really gave the chance for my mom and my wife to bond, which was good for them. My mom was reassured that she had somewhere to go whenever she needed to, and she would not grow old alone or be put in some home, just our home.

Alex, the little tiger, has gotten noisier over the past few days. His sleep is semi-restless, or perhaps it's completely normal. But he grunts and fusses in his sleep, enough to keep us awake in some form or another. My wife's maternity leave has crept up on her, and this Sunday she'll be back at work, which is rather weird. She's been off for 10 weeks now, and this will be the first time she'll be away from the baby longer than a few hours. I personally didn't mind having the opportunity to be away from the baby, because it just made me miss him. Don't quite know if my wife's feeling the same way.

We're still waiting for the little guy to smile voluntarily. He's managing a few grins, but they're usually in his sleep or when he's going number two, which sometimes would merit a smile if it was one of those dumps. Yeah.

Am feeling rather unproductive - training someone at work and it's slowing my auditing down, and editing's going really slowly - seems like there's never time for anything anymore. Except playing with the little guy!