Saturday, June 07, 2003

I like the new look of the blog, I really do, but since I've switched to OS X and decided that Safari is the most faster browser, I've been dreading looking at the blog because Safari displays it incorrectly. It shows up nothing like what you do see, it simply displays it as black text on the white screen, and in a not very good way at that.

Almost got the Freddy's video done, and from now on, I'll just have to insist that I get hour compensation if they ever want me to do something again. Since it was out of my control that I'm so damn creative, I made the video look cool.

Good news, Trenchcoat. Just saw "Bruce Almighty" and "Catch Me If You Can", and I might think about writing again. Don't know when the hell we're going to shoot anything, but that's your job to worry about it.

Sometimes I think about all the movies I'll be able to show Alex, except most of the cool movies that I do want to share are actually rated "R". There just aren't that many great movies that were created out of caution. "The Spanish Prisoner" is rated G, actually, or PG, and it's good, so I just I can't really say that.

It was my step-greatdaughter's birthday today, and I couldn't go because of editing, but I got to talk with her on the phone. I really enjoy her, she's a cutie. She got a trike for her 2nd birthday and from what I hear, she had a great birthday. Hee hee.

Today we went to the doctors appointment again, and there's really nothing new to report. We heard the heartbeat again, and it seems normal. My wife's had lower blood pressure, which is great, and lower than average breathing, which isn't as great. Turns out that the doctor is still breast-feeding, being the mother of a one year old, so it was a little strange listening to her talk after that. All said and done, we got done with the conversation with a rather strange closer, because my last question was about sex during pregnancy, and she advised against "blowing into her vagina during sex" being the only warning. She then said that no one's ever heard that and went, "Oh Darn!", to which I replied, "Yeah, who do you think I am, Dansen?"

Not really, at least up to the Dansen part. ------------

Edited for content. My wife kicked my ass.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

A strange thing happened at work today, while I was scanning something that I can't recall. All I know is that they always have color schemes for boys and girls, and while I was scanning something that was girl related, I was missing the idea of having a girl. I know, my wife already has two daughters, and one is still living with us, but I came into the relationship when she was already older, so it was difficult and awkward to form any bonds with her because... I don't know, it just doesn't work that way.

So I flirted with the idea that I actually want two kids, but I guess I should wait for the first one first. I may be begging to have my stuff neutered in order to prevent the further conception of little people.

Hmm, I think the best thing about being a father is bragging rights. I keep seeing all the babies at work, but they're usually with their moms, not so much the other way. Some of them are cute, some of them seem hugely indifferent to where they are, or what they're doing. The babies, I mean.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I actually almost forgot.

Today is the 13th year anniversary that I came to the United States.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday with a Beatles MP3 disk in the DVD player (can you say 8 hours of music?) and a brand new set of paints and paintbrushes, the three of us set out to create some paintings for the baby's room, part of contributing our artistic talents (not much of it) and our hearts (all of it) to canvas for our new addition to the family. This is what we came up with:

"At the Door"

This one was painted by JL, who wanted to present a painting of a car waiting at the door, wanting in the house, because the scorching sun was plummeting into the mountains.

"A Walk Through the Clouds"

Painted by my Wife, who depicts a happy blue-eyed giraffe who is so tall that the birds fly before it. She is concerned that our baby will think that giraffe have yellow feet, so she's going to tell the baby that it's just a color, not the real thing.

"Big Moist Duck"

This one's painted by yours truly, and the protagonist waterfowl in this piece is a manifestation of our child, who will, above all else, always float above the rest, striving to be the best that he can be, with the support of his parents, us, who are represented by the two cattails. No matter where he is, we will be around. The baby blue skies are cloudy, as is the future that lies ahead, but as long as the duck, our son, follows the green riverbed, it will always find its way in the world.

I'm just messing around. It's just a duck.

Here's a few more of the many reasons why I love my wife so much. When she's not swearing like a sailor or out-raunching me with inappropriate language, she has a tendency to slip into strange metaphoric sayings that exists only in a 1930s sitcom that was created in her head.

She was explaining to me about something today, and I got distracted when she was talking about a co-worker who was milling around, looking like a "Sorry Gus." That analogy threw me off so much that I just couldn't stop snickering. She claims people have said it before, I mentioned that not in this world, it hadn't.

Another oldie but goodie is that she has used the phrase "pleased as punch" before, in serious conversation. I honestly don't know what's better, when I come up with new pointless catchphrases or when she conjures up old ones that no one's ever heard before.

Oh yeah, and I felt the baby kick again today, three times in a consecutive session. He wanted to say hi! It was good, just feeling a little nudge from my wife's tummy. It's strange, really. It's indescribable because it's such a strange situation. The closest that non-pregnant people can relate to is, I guess, some ringworm or creepy little parasite that has burrowed inside your body, and moves independently inside you.

Hmm. I'm glad I'm not pregnant.

I think I'm sorta in a picture posting mood. Thanks to

Something I will not teach Alex to do,
Something to always do, (though not in this particular instance.)
and something that he'll probably do.

Hee hee.

I've been worried about posting personal stuff on this website but I've decided to make an administrative decision and say that I don't care. I can always take out the unrelated stuff later, when I decided to download this to print as a book as a gift to my son. Mind you, I'll still keep the posts baby or family related, so don't go looking for links this.

It's not my fault if you click it.