Friday, October 10, 2003

This embarassing picture is put on to compensate for my incessant whining. Look, it's a little duckie boy!

And this will be a picture that we'll show his fiance later on in life to make him lose all his suaveness and credibility. And she'll adore him for it!

Had to give my wife a break yesterday, so I decided to watch the baby last night -- I fell asleep in my people clothes until 4 am, when he got hungry, so I took a shower and fed him, but my wife woke up anyway. Then I woke up every 2 hours after that, and I was borderline crazy from the abrupt and rude lack of sleep, followed by very strong doses of stimulation either from sustained crying or Girls Gone Wild commericials that go on at 5am in the morning.

The little guy is noisy, quite the moaner and groaner, and occasionally he does make the sweetest coo you can imagine. We're sorta getting ready to head down to Redmond again to see my mom and my brother and his wife, who has yet to see the little guy. But what's on our minds right now is the extreme financial hole that we're peering out of.

We got the doctor's bills today, and lemme tell ya, if you can get stranded somewhere with a boatfull of good vacationing doctors who are in a good mood, deliver your baby then. The bill was well over a grand, and that is quite a blow to us. They were willing to only divide the payment over six months, which means it would be a lesser hurtin', but still a big hurtin'. And after the both of us did our bills today, I have exactly 1.62 in my checking, and my wife has 4.56 in her checking. We are broke for the week.

I suppose I'm whining just a little bit, and we'll get out of this for sure, just need a place to rant about my bills. Thankfully, my wife will be back at work soon and we'll be able to catch up on some bills. But till then, we'll be eating as cheap as we can, and canceling our porn of the month subscription.

That was my attempt at humor at a grim situation.

My attempts for the past few nights to burn a DVD has been unsuccessful - I've only managed to make a VCD, which is okay... Dansen has the hard-on for that format, I personally think it's a crap format. Can burn CDs at 6 minutes though, so that's cool.

Getting sleepy - still have to drive to Redmond tonight... D'oh!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The lowdown for these past few days is as follows:

Today, my wife called me at work to inform me about Alex's troubles - apparently, his instinct to grasp with his hand has caused him a great deal of frustration. He was crying in pain because he had evidently grabbed a handful of hair, and was pulling on it. It hurt a lot and he was crying, but he can't figure out that he's doing it, and doesn't know how to let go... Sometimes I have those days...

The drama at work recently is that my boss wants me to work five days a week - which to me seems like a death sentence. My work's not tough, mind you, not in the least bit. I sorta enjoy it to a certain extent, even. It's just that working 5 days a week will make it seem like a job - like a lifer kinda thing to do. It's not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, I wanna make movies that make no money and have small appreciative audiences, damnit! But it will also make me see my wife even less, trying to alternate our schedules in order to have a parent look after the little bug.

My wife's impossible quest for uninterrupted sleep continues, while I struggle to find time of my own. To do anything like edit, or burn DVDs, which I'm currently trying not to do.

Such is life.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It's hard to imagine and impossible to tell visually, but Alex's grown so much. We put him next to the official growing stick and he just seems like such a bigger boy now!

So a quick update about our little boy. He's getting a little fussier about things now. He's definitely learning that by being vocal, he gets what he wants. He's also needing more showers now, by the second day he usually starts smelling a bit like stale formula and dried baby poo. It's very appealing. He is learning to lay by himself longer and longer with each passing day, and he is learning that hugs are the best substitute for boredom. The Winnie the Pooh mobile in his room is starting to hold his attention longer than any of us are capable of doing, and he's just wonderful to look at.

My wife had a good laugh last night because she fitted Alex with a light blue outfit that has no legs, just like a potato sack with a hood. So when she put him down and took a shower, Alex started to fuss so I started to pick him up. Now at my defense, I was already feeling crappy that my weekend was almost over, and that I still had a ton of editing to do, and that the headache that I've been fighting is still hanging around. So I go to pick him up and I say, "No wonder you're crying, you look so stupid.

Now that was a callous thing to say, and I don't mean that in a mean way, but my wife was giggling in the shower because of the way I said it. Sigh. This parenthood thing has certainly taught us how much patience it requires to tend to a baby, and also how cheap heroin really is if you buy it from the right dealer.

I'm joking.

Oh, yeah. That's the stuff...

Sunday, October 05, 2003

This may be my new favorite picture of Alex!

He's an eskimo.

Or a snowcone.


There are more pictures too, just click on the link on the right that says Imagestation! HAHAHAHAHA!