Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I have to say that I'm posting slightly out of obligation, because I'm trying to ignore the fact that I have a throbbing headache and I'm really quite beat. Sucks to be older, because in the past, when I got tired, I just felt that way. I didn't get no incapacitating headache that just shorts my thoughts out.

Well, to get caught up here, Alex is teething like a madman. He's got two incisors coming in from the top, and one coming up from the bottom. It's been a little tough on him, but he's doing okay. Tonight he was a little tough, but that was because my lovely wife somehow skipped his second nap. So by Seven pm he was already ready to go to sleep. But if I had put him to sleep then, he would either sleep till midnight, and wake up, thinking that was his nap, or just sleep through the night until 6 in the morning. Then my wife would have to kill me. But I managed to drag out his sleepiness till eight, so he's probably going to get up a little early, but it saved him from exploding. I ain't kidding, he was so red he couldn't exploded.

The weekend was kinda nice. My wife and I had Friday off so we took the little boy to Fairhaven park and just chilled for a little while. Alex got his first experience with grass, and it was pretty cute because he kept feeling it, grasping it with his fingers, whacking on it, and stroking it. My wife mentioned that the texture of grass is actually pretty interesting, being all soft but rubbery and cool to the touch. We have some video of that we'll get to.

Then on Sunday, with the sweltering heat of 75 degrees, we went to Hovander Park and Alex got to see some geese, some sheep, and some bunnies. Didn't think much of that, judging from his face. But it was quite a nice day, seeing people out in the park, doing their family thing and being all family like.

As for me personally, just been keeping myself busy with trying to crank out a script and making it work. I also got a first glimpse at a photo of my half-brother, Wayne, through an email that my Dad sent me. I had inquired about him out of curiousity, and it's a strange feeling to know that you have a 14-year-old half brother out there that sure some of your genes. Well, maybe it's not that strange. It's topical.

Yes, my brain isn't working tonight at all. Sorry about that.

Perhaps later.