Friday, May 30, 2003

The name dispute is really getting on my nerves.

My mom has taken a strange offensive toward even me, because when I called her to wish her a happy birthday today, she was simply non-responsive. Just matter of factly, in fact a lot glummer than usual. To the point whereby she might actually qualify for being pessimistic. But her email stating that she doesn't care about the name as long as it's not Alex has bummed me and my wife so much that it was making us really bummed out this week.

I dunno, this week has indeed become a bum week. Came home today and I had this huge chip on my shoulder, itching for a fight. Luckily, because I had some flowers for my wife, I couldn't look too menacing at all, so I simply told her what kind of day I've been having. Because of the nature of my job, people at work have taken to passing snide jokey comments to me like, "It's that mean man again," and "Go away from here." So much to the point that I'm beginning to be pissed off because if everyone said a little comment, it all added up to a big insult. So, I'm not feeling that great about the job now. It's just money, I guess.

The baby has been kicking quite a bit now, so much to the point that whenever I lay my head on my wife's stomach, it still startles me. It's quite amazing.

My wife is mean to me. She calls me names. I can't say what it is, but she's going to get an ass kicking later.


Thursday, May 29, 2003

C'mon Baby, I'll Show You My Crib

Just when I thought there was nothing to talk about, being how grotesquely boring I've gotten from working and coming home and working some more on weddings, I just remembered -- I bought a crib yesterday. Substance! Baby-related news!

So, I went to Wal-mart after work and had to change in the car because I was still wearing my Freddy's uniform. It was just a line of embarassing myself or my place of employement that I didn't care to cross. But anywho, I decided to spring for the wooden crib, which was 30 bucks more than the metal one. Me, I'm all about being practical, but my wife prefered the wooden one. Her thought was that the baby would hurt his head if he banged it on metal. Why it wouldn't apply to wood, I dunno. I'm not from Mars like her.

So it's sitting at home by the living room now, not doing particularly much. The 491 dollars that I deposited is pretty much gone from buying supplies for my business (12 mini dv tapes, 30 VHS tapes, watermelon, etc.) and the crib, which was about forty bucks short of a Playstation 2, which would actually be more fun for me. Buy oh well, you only have one son, and he certainly doesn't belong in a nest up in the tree, so a crib will have to suffice.

The transition to OS X is smoothing out. Running OS 9 in the background has a lot to do with it.

Peace out, monkeys.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

There has been more baby name disputes, but it's such a downer, I'm just going to leave it alone for a while.

Great, great news. I finally felt the baby kick big time today. My wife told me to come by her because the baby's been kicking so much today, and so violently as well, she thought that I would probably get a good feel of it. And did I ever! I did the full coverage, with my face on her stomach and my palms outstretched around her belly, and the baby gave a swift and mighty boot to my face, and actually startled me. That was such a great feeling. He did it once more, and then got tired. But that was really cool. Occasionally my wife will be doing something and go, "Ow," reacting to the little guy acting out his soccer fantasies.

Went on a spending spree today, albeit not a very exciting one. Got paid by two clients, so we went all over the place and then Costco, where I bought a lot of blank tapes and ink cartridges, which resulted in sudden Checking account death. The money was really for a baby crib, which I still have sufficient funds for, but we couldn't fit it in the car so we had to wait. Perhaps I shall get it tomorrow after work. After I meet with a company about possibly doing a training video. Whoopee!