Saturday, March 25, 2006

Egads! Another Possible Wedding?

Yes, the Egads are getting remarried after their long term separation. They've decided to work things out for the kids and have gathered newfound love for each other.


Anyway, tomorrow I gotta go over to Lynnwood to try to convince a couple that yes, I'm all that and then some, and please hire me to do your wedding, even though I have have multiple degrees of self-doubt that I will ever do a good job with their wedding. I do, but the little red guy on my left shoulder seems to carry a bigger pitchfork and yells a bit louder, so I pay more attention to him.

But if I snag the couple tomorrow, that would be four weddings total for this year. One down, three to go. I'm happy that my business is slowly gaining some momentum, but at the same time I'm just freaking out that my personal life is going down the drain and I'm just standing there watching it swirl into obilivion. Thing is, shooting the wedding is easy. Editing it is a different animal altogether. It will take lots of hours, and those I don't have a whole lot of. Considering that five days I work full time, and then I get off work and typically entertain babies till 9pm. Then I have a couple hours to do whatever, until I have to pick up my mom or whatever. So in my only downtime of the day, I have to force myself to look at footage, which needless to say is not my most favorite thing.

I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in weeks, and tonight I'm still up at 3am because it's the only time I can work. I guess I can't complain too much because it's a nice boost of income, and seeing our debts shrink is certainly worth it. But I dunno, this tub of Peanut Butter is getting spread pretty thin. I mean, look at me, even my nuts are showing.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Excited about the Big Date

So last night I was making plans, poking around the internet to scour for local events to attend on our Super Weekend, which is our Big Date. March 29 is technically our wedding anniversary, but we thought we could just round it off to the weekend, and stay overnight somewhere downtown and just have some fun. My mom was super-nice and agreed to watch the kids for the weekend, so my wife and I will have some freedom in going places without the kids.

So anyway, here's our plans. I've heard about Dimitriou's Jazz Alley for ages on KPLU, about gigs that are playing there and whatnot, and we're going to watch Stanley Clarke play there. It might be pretty cool since he's been around since the Jazz Fusion, and also the place takes reservations. I mean, Good God, I haven't been to a place that took reservations before, not unless you could Olive Garden's waiting list. And yes, the show and the dinner will probably cost a little bit, but hey, my wife and I get to be adults. That's a rarity.

After that, we're going to the Jet City improv for some laughs. Again, we have never been to a comedy club of any sort, or attended any improv type things. So that will be fun. I'm pretty psyched about the whole thing, that's for sure. I could really use a vacation, even if it's a smallish one.

Looking forward mostly to spending some time with my wife, with no distractions like kids, computers, and editing, that's the biggest thing. We'll just remove all these factors that stops me from being a multitasking fool and I can take the weekend and enjoy spending time with my wife. Sounds like a plan.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You have to trust me on this.

Drop what you're doing, and go to your computer. Open up the iTunes music store, and search for "Israel Kamakawiwo'ole", and download "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World." You will feel better about yourself for doing it.

I know I did.

I was between smiling and tearing up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My wife is so mean.

She forced me to watch Wonderpets on DVR, a show that has captured the kids hearts with it's cutout-reality animals and their singing adventures. It sounds innocent enough, until you actually sit down to watch the damn thing. I am pretty tolerant of kids programming for the most part, but even this show grates at me a little. I say this because I can't stop singing one of their stupid songs after one viewing.

Anyway, the one that my wife pointed my attention to revolved around the Wonderpets going to save a puppy who's stuck indoors, and cannot go wee wee.

Or as the Wonderpets would chorus, "Wee Wee, Pee Pee, Tinnnnkle!"

So if that's not bizarre enough, they figure out how to go out the
doggy door, and the Dog, the Duck, the Tortoise, and the Hamster, all go to different areas of the garden, and they all Wee Wee, Pee Pee, and Tinkle at the same time.

As if that's not the straw that breaks the Weirdness Camel, one of the characters actually says, "Celery tastes really great after a good pee," while gnawing on celery.

Yeah. Your kids may be watching this show.

My Hungry Boy

Sitting in McDonald's now, slightly disappointed that they do not have
free internet access. It's not pricey, just $2.95 for the first two
hours, but it's certainly not that imperative that I'm online right
now. Instead, I'll just write in draft mode and post it later. Ah,
mobile computing.

Anyway, Alex is digging into the hot fudge sundae right now, after
having eaten almost the whole cheeseburger, and even a good portion of
dinner just now. We're slowly figuring out that the kids somehow
prefer to eat at the regular dinner table as opposed to the kiddy
dining table. Don't know why, but they do. It is though, a welcome
change to them not eating anything at all.

Well, that's a short post.