Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Kim

I talk about it on my other website, Chipper Report, but there's just a few more things that I didn't mention about it.

It has been pretty much on my mind for the past few days, and I was pretty bummed about hearing that he didn't make it yesterday - but it also got me to thinking about my own life. How it doesn't take a high-risk job or sport to have your life cut short. Fate doesn't really care if you're Steve Irwin or James Kim, if you have children or a loving wife. When it's your time to go, that's it.

Oh one hand, it reminds me that yeah, working out everyday and eating right all the time can't stop the inevitable, so just enjoy life. But I guess the other thing is that I've thought about my own life, and how I need to leave my legacy. Otherwise I would just have died a videographer, which isn't much to remember by. It reignites my purpose to do a film by 30, so after this year's weddings are caught up, I really gotta start writing again.

Sigh. And I keep checking the news, as if something else might change.