Saturday, October 25, 2003

I'm Glad I'm Blind - Or I'd Be Exactly That Now.

A lotta stuff going on, but this is actually something interesting enough to warrant an entry. All my life, I've hated glasses. Got into contacts, but even those always bothered me because they were always too dry or they'd just irritate me. I finally went back to glasses because nothing in the world, including good haircuts and contacts, could give me true happiness, so I embraced the birth control glasses and wore them anyway. Well, tonight I really am glad I wear glasses, because while I was deep frying some beef (all kinds of wrong anyway), I walked towards the pan and I could actually see the oil spurt out at me, big enough for me to try to dodge it. Well, dodge it I didn't, got a hot gob of oil on my arm, one on my forehead, and three gobs of hot oil on my glasses, where my left eye would've gotten it. So screw the dorkiness of my glasses - they saved my sight. I'm sure I would be fine if it actually burned my eye, but still.

Am watching the baby this weekend again, probably indefinitely for the rest of my weekends while the wife works. He's been pretty good - didn't realize that he ate and went potty so much. Baby's built like a pipe. Retains nothing, or at least just enough to make poop. I slept with him in the other room last night, so that my wife could get a good nights sleep after the inconsiderate neighbors had their music once again. I'm sorta glad that I have this time to bond with him, even though I'm getting absolutely no editing done at all. I think the more time I spend with him, the easier the parenting part is.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

All's fine and dandy in our household - the little guy sure gets a lot of attention from strangers - takes a little bit of getting used to. I'm a complete failure with small talk - I tend to go too far or too weird with my conversations with other people, like tonight at JL's choir recital thingy. Someone mentioned that he was really cute, and instead of "thanks" or "Yes, he's a godsend from heaven and he makes everyday a day worth living," I say something cynical like, "I'll have to remember that at four in the morning." I'm really not that bad - I think it's just my discomfort of coming up with actual conversation. I'm just horrible at small talk, period. I love my boy a lot, but I think that doesn't always come across.

His thrush is starting to go away, but his medication is running out. His tougue is looking almost normal, but there's some white stuff still residing at the back of his mouth. My wife has been administering the yellow, sticky substance by putting some on her finger, and then rubbing it around, four times a day. One of these times include 4 in the morning, and that's gotta be hardcore.

Alex's already starting to outgrow a few of the outfits that fit him a few weeks ago. I dressed him up in a blue thermal and he looked like a blue sausage, just bulging out of it. It's really amazing that he's growing so fast - seems like I've already forgotten how small he used to be 6 weeks ago when he was in my arms.

Honestly, am feeling a bit creatively crippled. Just so much going on! Well, that's what weekends are for, I suppose.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

It was role reversal day for my wife and I - she went to work for a full day today and I was home, watching Alex. Because she had to work a full day, I had to watch him last night and take care of his feedings, and give him that icky medicine that he so craves in another life.

Last night was kinda rough, being how I really don't like sleeping anywhere except my bed. So it was a few hours on the green Laz-Z-Boy, a few hours walking around, and watching Girls Gone Wild informercials at 4 in the morning. Total, I think I got about 6 hours of sleep. Attempts of trying to catch some Z's in the morning was also impossible, being how Alex doesn't seem to wanna sleep when I do. He just wants to nap in my arms when I'm wide awake. The day I spend with him was challenging, definitely giving me more insight as to the kind of patience that my wife has that I don't have as much. I just have to play with him from time to time, giving him kisses and reassuring him how much I love him - and trying not to let my workload get to me. But parenthood is still a great experience. Just gotta readjust your priorities, and enjoy the true meaning of being a parent. Put all that trivia stuff behind you and forge ahead.

My wife started missing him just two hours into her shift, which is understandable being how this was the longest she's gone without seeing him. But she's glad to see him now, just spending some time with him while I take a break and mess around with my dvd drive. Whee!

This is what happens when I don't blog for a while - a bunch of stuff happens, and I have to play catchup like a madman. Well, here it goes.

Our little boy has thrush. What it looks like is formula on his tougue that won't wash off, some crusty white thing that's found a home in his mouth. What it is is some kind of bacterial thing that originated in the birth canal, basically a yeast infection in the mouth. My wife suspected something was up for a while, but after a few people commented on, "Oh, does he have thrush?", my wife took him in and indeedy, he does.

So the little guys receiving some oral medication for his ailment, something that's fruity flavored and very interesting to apply. Since he's too young to swish that stuff around in his mouth, we have to put it on our finger and rub it all over the inside of his mouth. This is usually like a 15 minute process, and he usually gets pretty worked up by the end of it. I mean, who wouldn't. The idea of someone's finger in my mouth isn't exactly my idea of good times...

The doctor's visit also yielded a weight measurement. He's now over 11.5 pounds now, and he can't bench half of that. Overall, he's doing well. He's able to follow me around with his eyes - developing an interest in the daddy. I encourage him to look at me by doing all sorts of odd physical movements that is supposed to be my version of dancing. He's also starting to smile once in a while - it's really cool when he does.