Saturday, August 16, 2003

Chancing a possible labor in the middle of Lynden, Washington, we decided to go to the Lynden fair anyway, with Brendon and Maralise, in a quick decision to go see The Beach Boys yesterday. The Fair was pretty much what it was, just "fair", but we had a great time at the concert with the Beach Boys. Forking out 26 bucks each was a little painful for all of us, but overall it was such a great experience that it was definitely worth it.

For one thing, this was my wife's second concert ever, and she had such a ball. She was dancing along, clapping to the songs, and singing along without a care in the world. Whereas the first concert (Gorillaz) was spent with her hands over her ears, this one she was doing some version of the hand vibe with one hand, and holding her tummy with the other hand. After a while of dancing, her stomach was all hard (which means contractions galore) but she said that it wasn't really a big deal - as long as it didn't hurt it was quite alright.

So that was also Alex's first concert, and he seemed to be kicking quite a bit. It was just such a fun time, dancing with my wife, enjoying the Beach Boys. I later did some research, and this rejiggered Beach Boys had only lead singer Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, and a bunch of very decent singers to fill in the gaps left by the original members. Essentially the Beach Boys were broken up, with Brian Wilson doing something else, Al Jardine doing something else, and two Wilson brothers who are no longer with us. It seemed really tragic that this band that produced carefree songs about summer was now, pretty much, disintegrated, but Mike Love definitely made it work. I think the thing that I enjoyed the most about the concert was how much it bonded everyone together. Everyone was singing along, clapping along, a crowd of teens and boomers, all just having a great time. It was almost an emotional affair when so many people come together to pay tribute to a band, who despite its frequent reincarnations, represent a sense of happiness and carefree that we need from time to time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

"Romance D'amour" sample

My Dad used to play this on the guitar when I was a wee lad, still remember it rather fondly. Don't have a lot of memories about him, but I do remember this song. For the longest time I wanted to know what it was called, and then I was going through my massive mp3 collection when I came across the song and it hit me really funny. Brought back a lot of memories, not bad nor good, just memories of my Dad.

He was a guitar playing, karatae practicing, swordfish fishing, helicopter fixing guy, and I never had the chance to even inherited or share the same interests as him. And this is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when Dads are absent from your life. You turn into me.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I've heard my wife describe like five different times, but I'm still having problems telling it as it is. She went to the doctors today, and basically her cervix is open, and the only thing between the baby and the floor is some water - the doctor even said to her that she'll see my wife next week - if not sooner.

Baby fever!

So anytime now, I'll be in the hospital with my wife - amazing how fast the days have counted down. There are still some bets that it will be a September baby, but it'll probably be an August baby. My wife even had labor dreams last night, when the moon was full.

I'm getting really stoked!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

If I had a penny every time blogger or its comments gave me problems...

Well, it's a full moon tonight, and I guess gravity's usually to blame for the high rate of pregnancies when the moon shows us it entire face. We'll see if I get the wakey up in the middle of the night or not.

The biggest thing on my mind this weekend are the weddings. Seems like my camera had decided to commit suicide and mess up all the recordings with a digital noise, a horrible sweeping pixelation that messes with the footage, probably permenantly, and then unsynching the recording so that the audio and video are no longer happening together.

And I find this out after I've shot three weddings.

So I've been really not looking forward to editing, but I have to. In order to get all this damn work out of the way, so I can continue living my normal life. It won't be that difficult to let go of the business at this point, I'll tell you that much. Send it off with a boot and a spit, and move on.

"About a Boy" is a good movie, watched it last night.

Watched, "The Good Girl" tonight. Not that great. Characters that do not make progress or spin downward into destruction is not worth watching. It's just we just sat through somebody's really tragic life.

Gotta go back to work tomorrow, the regular job. Gotta crank these messed up weddings out too.