Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'll post it when I get a chance, but the teethies are starting to pop up! At least one on the bottom and one on top, just surfacing through the gums and playing peekaboo. Of course, the little boy is expressing his happiness about this whole thing by screaming his head off occasionally, because it's quite painful for him. These aren't just the normal cries for attention, mind you. These are high-pitched, brain-vibrating, soul-shaking screams that will unearth you from your feet and bash you over the head.

But we're trying to be very understanding of his pain - trying not to let the screaming get to us too much. It really unsettles us because we're just trying to change the poor little guy, or just hold him, and he's just screaming as if his limb is being ripped off. But teeth is a good thing, pretty soon he'll be able to eat more than just mush!

It was only 10am and already I'v had three feedings, two changes of clothes, two poopy diaper, and one sustained projectile vomiting. Fatherhood is fun!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I see how it is.

I write a thousand witty things and insightful commentary about my life and people just skim through and not comment, but when I post the Little Boy on a swing, everyone's commenting.

Well, this is what I think about that!

I've had this story swirling in my head for the past week, and I'm well into page 8 but I'm finding problems finding the time to actually sit down and write. After tending to Mr. Rashy Butt tonight and got him into bed, TV was just infinitely more interesting than what my brain wanted to do after a day's work. Of course, "Armageddon" was on and I realized what a slick piece of bloated crap it was. I still watched, nonetheless.

As I mentioned briefly, poor baby has quite a rashy little situation. Could be the 12 hour diapers or something else, don't know - so we're just ointmenting his butt to the extreme. And that phrase will bring more hits to the website when people search the internet for "ointmenting his butt."

My wife called for a WIC appointment, and it seems like we would be able to qualify for it, which would help a lot considering our money problem. Considering the formula is $17 bucks a can (21 if you get it elsewhere) and he goes through about a can a week, that'll help us out a lot. Plus some vouchers for milk and eggs? We've never been real big on accepting help from the state, but we're needing this. And when Peanut comes along, the aid will certainly aleviate the wallet. Just today I had to buy formula with my credit card because we ran out.

Well, I'm kinda out of thoughts.

Monday, April 05, 2004

My wife, who doesn't really like Daylight Saving Time because it inevitably falls on the day when she has to work at five in the morning, suffered a double whammy this week when the clock sprung ahead. Alex, who has no concept of time - which is ironic because of the amount of time he sucks out of our lives, is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to it.

Let me rephrase that.

We have had difficulty adjusting to him, adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time phenomenon. This morning, Mr. Boy woke up at 6:30 in the morning, and my poor wife who has been deprived of sleep had to get up and tend to his needs. So really, he did go to bed on time and got up at 5:30 in the morning. Argh. I just played dead so I didn't get up.

We're finding out when he gets older, he's starting to get more of his own will and independence already. He crawls to whatever he likes, and when you've got him pinned down to get dressed, he will protest and cry. We're guessing he's just teething, or going through a phase. Hopefully not a personality trait.

I think some days it feels great to be a parent. I'm proud of my son, I try to dress him up to look good, and I have a lot of fun with the little guy, and enjoy being a daddy. And some days, it feels like it's just another responsibility. A sequence of things to do that's very necessary, but otherwise a little dull. Parenthood is certainly a very different relationship than anything I've ever gone through. The rewards are different, and often it's what you derive from the experience that makes it rewarding. For me, it's usually when he smiles at me or when he plays with me. Tonight was one of those nights whereby I couldn't get him to look at me or laugh at me, so it felt a little more like a responsibility. He wasn't really enjoying me very much, just needing me. But like my wife said, think of everything as a phase.

Just a little boy on a big swing.